WSUD Trees

Core Tree Species

Practicioners are using trees to compliment planting palletes for their bioretention basins more and more. We are also seeing the development of Passively Irrigated Street Systems. The Core Species listed below are those that have the characteristics to maximise pollutant removal. The list below was first published as part of the WbD 2014 Bioretention Technical Design Guideline.

Region Key: Wet Tropics (WT), Dry Tropics (DT), Subtropics (ST), Arid Zones (A), All Regions (ALL)

Photography for this page has been kindly provided by Glenn Leiper, Paul Donatiu and Glenn Browning,


14 Banksia robur Swamp banksia small tree ST, DT, WT

15 Melaleuca linariifolia Flax-leaved paperbark small tree ST
16 Melaleuca viridiflora Broad leaved tea-tree small tree ST, WT, DT
17 Casuarina glauca Swamp oak tree ST, WT, DT
18 Casuarina cunninghamiana River sheoak tree ST
19 Lophostemon suaveolens Swamp Mahogany tree ST, WT, DT
20 Melaleuca bracteata Black tea-tree tree ST, WT, DT
21 Melaleuca quinquenervia Broad-leaved paper bark tree ST, WT, DT



Supplementary Tree Species

Supplementary species are those that are likely to grow reasonably well in bioretention systems but may not be as effective at pollutant removal and/or are untested.


123 Albizia canescens Townsville siris tree DT, WT
124 Casuarina equisetifolia Coast She Oak tree DT, WT, ST
125 Buckinghamia celsissima Ivory curl flower tree DT, WT
126 Callistemon(Melaleuca) viminalis Weeping bottle brush tree ALL
127 Chionanthus ramiflora Native olive tree DT, WT, ST
128 Colubrina asiatica Latherleaf tree DT, WT
129 Corymbia tesselaris Moreton Bay Ash tree DT, WT, ST
130 Cupaniopsis anacardioides Beach tuckeroo tree DT, WT, ST
131 Eucalyptus raveretiana Black ironbox tree DT
132 Eucalyptus tereticornis River blue gum tree DT, WT, ST
133 Eugenia reinwardtiana Cedar Bay cherry tree DT, WT, ST
134 Ganophyllum falcatum Scaly ash tree DT, WT
135 Livistona decora Weeping Cabbage Palm tree DT, ST
136 Lophostemon grandiflorus Northern Swamp Box tree DT, WT
137 Melaleuca dealbata Blue leaved paperbark tree DT, WT, ST
138 Melaleuca fluviatilis Weeping Tea Tree tree DT, WT
139 Melaleuca leucadendra Weeping Tea Tree tree DT, WT
140 Mimusops elengi Red Coondoo, Tanjong Tree tree DT, WT
141 Waterhousea floribunda Weeping Lily-pily tree ST
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