Wetland Plants

Wetland Plants – Core Species

Plants are an integral part of the function of a constructed wetland system. Core Species are those that have the characteristics to maximise pollutant removal. The list below was first published as part of the Wetland Technical Design Guideline WbD 2017

Regions: TSV – Townsville, MKY – Mackay, CQ – Central Queensland, SEQ – South East Queensland

Lifeforms: F – Floating macrophyte, S – Submerged macrophyte, E – Emergent macrophyte, G – Groundcover, SH – Shrub, T – Tree

Plant Zone Depth Range:
TE – Terrestrial > +0.2 m
EB – Ephemeral batter NWL to +0.2 m
SM – Shallow marsh NWL to -0.2 m
DM – Deep marsh -0.2 m to -0.4 m
SU – Submerged marsh -0.4 m to -0.7 m

Many thanks to Glenn Leiper, Paul Donatiu, Christoph Pester, Glenn Browning, Andrew Cook and Paul Dubowski for photo content

I.D. Species name Common name Planting zone Lifeform Region
200 Actinoscirpus grossus Giant Bur Rush SM, DM E TSV
201 Baumea articulata Jointed Twig-rush DM E ALL
202 Bolboschoenus caldwellii Sea Club-rush SM E SEQ, CQ
203 Bolboschoenus fluviatalis Marsh Club-rush DM E SEQ, CQ, MKY
204 Cladium procerum Leafy twig-rush SM, DM E SEQ, CQ
205 Eleocharis acuta Common Spike-rush SM E SEQ
206 Eleocharis dulcis Chinese Water Chestnut SM, DM E ALL
207 Eleocharis equisetina Spike-rush SM E SEQ, CQ
208 Eleocharis sphacelata Tall Spike-rush DM E SEQ, CQ, MKY
209 Lepironia articulata Grey Rush SM, DM E SEQ, CQ, MKY
210 Phragmites australis Common reed SM, DM E ALL
211 Schoenoplectus subulatus Shore Club-rush SM, DM E ALL
212 Schoenoplectus validus River Club-rush SM E ALL
213 Triglochin procera Water-ribbon SM, DM F SEQ, CQ
214 Ceratophyllum demersum Hornwort SU S ALL
215 Hydrilla verticillata Water thyme SU S ALL
216 Myriophyllum verrucosum Red Water-milfoil SU S SEQ, CQ
217 Potamogeton ochreatus Blunt Pondweed SU S SEQ
218 Vallisneria australis Ribbonweed SU S SEQ, CQ


Supplementary Species

Wet edge only *

I.D. Species name Common name Planting zone Lifeform Region
300 Baumea arthrophylla * Fine Twig-rush EB, SM E SEQ
301 Baumea juncea * Bare Twig-rush EB, SM E ALL
302 Baumea rubiginosa * Soft Twig-rush EB E ALL
303 Carex appressa Tall Sedge EB E SEQ, CQ
304 Carex fasicularis * Tassel Sedge SM E SEQ, CQ
305 Carex gaudichadiana * Tufted sedge SM E SEQ
306 Carex polyantha * Creek Sedge EB E SEQ, CQ
307 Cyperus alopecuroides Foxtail Flat Sedge EB, SM E MKY, TSV
308 Cyperus exaltatus * Giant Sedge SM E
309 Cyperus gunnii * Flecked Flat Sedge EB E ALL
310 Cyperus javanicus Javanese Flat Sedge EB E CQ, MKY, TSV
311 Cyperus polystachyos Bunchy Sedge EB E ALL
312 Eleocharis geniculata Nodding Spike-rush EM E ALL
313 Ficnia nodosa Knobby Club-rush EB E SEQ, CQ
314 Isolepis inundata * Swamp Club-rush SM E ALL
315 Juncus flavidus Yellow Rush EB E SEQ
316 Juncus krausii Sea Rush EB, SM E SEQ, CQ
317 Juncus pristmatocarpus * Branching Rush EB, SM E SEQ, CQ
318 Juncus usitatus * Common Rush EB E ALL
319 Ludwigia peploides * Water Primrose EB E ALL
320 Phylidrium lanuginosum Woolly Water Lily SM E ALL
321 Schoenoplectus mucronatus Bog Bulrush SM E ALL
322 Marsilea crenata Nardoo SM F MKY, TSV
323 Marsilea drummondii Common Nardoo SM F SEQ, CQ
324 Marsilea mutica Banded Nardoo SM F ALL
325 Nymphaea gigantea Blue Water Lily SU F ALL
326 Bacopa monnieri * Bacopa EB G SEQ, CQ, MKY
327 Baloskion pallens * Cord Rush EB G SEQ, CQ
328 Baloskion tetraphyllum * Tassel Cord-rush EB G SEQ, CQ
329 Cynodon dactylon Common couch EB G ALL
330 Eclipta prostrata White Eclipta EB G ALL
331 Gahnia clarkei Tall Saw-sedge EB G SEQ, CQ
332 Gahnia siberiana Red-fruited Sword Sedge EB G SEQ, CQ, MKY
333 Imperata cylindrica Blady Grass EB G ALL
334 Ischaemum australe * Southern Grass EB, SM G ALL
335 Ischaemum rugosum * Ribbed Muraina Grass EB, SM G MKY, TSV
336 Leersia hexandra Swamp Rice Grass EB, SM G ALL
337 Lepidosperma longitudinale Common Sword-sedge EB G SEQ, CQ
338 Leptochloa neesii * Umbrella Canegrass EB, SM G TSV
339 Lomandra hystrix River Mat Rush EB G ALL
340 Lomandra longifolia Spiny-headed Mat Rush EB G ALL
341 Oryza australiensis * Native Rice EB G MKY, TSV
342 Persicaria decipiens * Slender Knotweed EB G ALL
343 Persicaria strigosa* Spotted Knotweed EB G ALL
344 Poa labillardieri Tussock Grass EB G SEQ, CQ
345 Pseudoraphis spinescens* Spiny Mud Grass EB G ALL
346 Leptospermum liversidgei Lemon-scented Tea-tree EB SH SEQ
347 Myriophyllum verrucosum Red Water Milfoil DM, SU S ALL
348 Potamogeton tricarinatus Floating Pondweed SU S ALL





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