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MUSIC Guideline

Water by Design are proud to release our latest update of the MUSIC guideline (v3). The guideline incorporates advice regarding the latest advancements in MUSIC Version 6 (for example secondary drainage links). It also includes advice regarding the modelling of passive irrigation systems – a low cost / high benefit alternative that may be an option in some situations. The other change worth noting is an increase in the k value range for constructed wetlands. This allows for the increase in treatment performance achieved via warmer conditions experienced in Queensland when compared to the original data from Southern Australia. We gratefully acknowledge partial sponsorship of this update by the Whitsunday Shire Council.
We see this guideline as an interim guideline until such time as MUSIC X is released (in a couple of years time). A Consultation Draft is provided via the download link below

Download file 


We note there has been a recent literature review that questions the validity of certain aspects of MUSIC including the pollutant concentration parameters and flow reduction within the bioretention node. We have sought and received a number of independent comments and while we are reassured that the current approach in the guideline is valid, there is merit in engaging with experts and authorities in a roundtable format to discuss the issues and any potential solutions. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in this event and we will provide details. We would promote further investment in field research and monitoring to clarify these issues if there was appetite.


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