Meet The Pollutants

Meet The Pollutants

Meet our next feature pollutant:

Pollutant: nitrogen

Source: waste water, fertilizer, thunderstorms

Impacts: algal blooms leading to oxygen depletion and fish kills

One thing you can do: wash the car on the lawn

Typically Water Sensitive Urban Design focuses on just four main pollutants i.e. Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Sediment and Litter. There are however many more pollutants that can harm our waterways. Meet the Pollutants is a new education campaign aims to introduce to a younger audience a few of the more sinister characters we need to combat to protect our precious waterways. Our new website is coming soon

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Redbubble is a print on demand website that allows you to order a range of merchandise relating to the Meet the Pollutants campaign. Any proceeds to Water by Design from the sale of merchandise will be reinvested to our Clean Up Project.

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