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Meet the Pollutants aims to teach kids about water pollution. Learn about the damage it does to our waterways and how you can help. Join our Facebook page for regular updates


Feature Pollutant – Heatwave


Pollutant: High Temperatures

Source: Climate Change

Our creeks and rivers are sensitive to overheating. Heat waves and rising temperatures can cause deadly outbreaks of blue-green algae. It can also reduce the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water so that the poor fish can’t breath. Heat waves have also been blamed for the mass coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef.




Here’s what you can do: Reduce electricity wastage. Reduce car trips by using your bike or public transport. Plant a tree!





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Many thanks to Siobhan Skipworth who brought these characters to life. Thanks also to Purnima for the ‘Super Boy and Girl’ illustrations.

Special thanks to those people who have generously donated their time to the campaign including Scott Browning, Thomas Csere, Sarah Francis, Purnima Periwal and Elissa O’Malley

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about the campaign or would like to partner with Water by Design to help spread the word about water pollution or 07) 3177 9100

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