New resources for improving the biology of bioretention filter media

New resources for improving the biology of bioretention filter media

Water by Design are pleased to announce the release of our new Specifications for bioretention filter media.

This document provides specifications for filter media as well as advice and options to improve and maintain healthy plants in bioretention systems.

It has been developed to provide the industry with an alternative recommended option to the existing specifications. The new specifications have been developed based on the best available scientific and industry knowledge, with the aim of addressing the issue of long-term plant dieback in bioretention systems.

This document has been released with the specific intent to further capitalise upon emerging science and practice with a view to enhance the specifications over time.

A companion document, Improving the biology of bioretention systems has also been released. This literature review synthesises over a decade’s worth of knowledge and research to address deficiencies in filter media that may be responsible for the unsuccessful establishment and dieback of plants seen in bioretention systems.

We have enabled a 12 month feedback period on these documents to ensure they are fit for purpose and capture end user experience. We welcome your feedback and encourage you to please submit all comments to by 1 September 2024.

Download the new resources

The preparation of these documents was funded by the Queensland Government’s Investing in Our Environment for the Future Program and delivered by the Department of Environment and Science (DES). It was co-funded through contributions from Healthy Land & Water’s partners, including local governments across the South East Queensland region.


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