Erosion and Sediment Controls (ESC) will help you as a builder to:

  • Save time and money – you won’t have to waste time sweeping sediment from the road if you can stop it from getting there in the first place by installing effective ESC.
  • Promote your business – well maintained ESC improves site appearance
  • Reduce complaints related to dust and stormwater pollution.
  • Improve relationships with the Council and the community.
  • Reduce the likelihood of a fine

Councils can issue fines under the Environmental Protection Act 1994, s.440ZG, if you have not implemented all reasonable and practicable measures to prevent sediment from leaving your site.The information on this website will give you an idea of what is considered ‘reasonable and practicable’ and will help you comply with the law.All sites are different. Adapt erosion and sediment controls to suit your site and talk with your Council for more detailed advice on local requirements.

The Water by Design Erosion and Sediment Control Program has a number of resources specifically designed for house builders including a suite of fact sheets, a building site auditing tool and downloadable checklist.



ESC Videos

Find other instructional videos on our YouTube channel.

The resources on this site provide tools and guidance to implement best practice ESC and have been developed by Water by Design with the support of Department of Environment and Science (DES) and the Reef urban Stormwater Management Group (RUSMG) to improve and protect our waterways and reef. For further information regarding legislative requirements please visit the DES State Government website.