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Water by Design:

In order to enhance visual, social, cultural and ecological experiences in the urban landscape, we must create and maintain urban spaces that both protect environmental values and provide quality recreation and social opportunities. Since 2005, our Water by Design initiative has been working with individuals and organisations to identify and fill knowledge gaps, and facilitate the uptake of improved practice in sustainable water management.

Healthy Land and Water works to encourage innovative practice and build regionally consistent approaches. By facilitating information exchange, networking, and constructive debate, practitioners are motivated to deliver high quality urban environments. We identify and fill knowledge gaps with evidence-based resources and tools, promoting smarter policy that enables innovation. We facilitate practice uptake by delivering capacity building services and products including training, guidelines and technical resources for practitioners in industry and local government.

Our Team:

Dr Andrew O’Neill – Knowledge and Capacity Building Team Leader

Dr Andrew O’Neill is Healthy Land and Water’s Knowledge and Capacity Building Leader. He is responsible for driving innovation and guiding Healthy Land and Water’s talented scientists and engineers as they work to improve South East Queensland’s environment. Andrew is an expert in sustainable urban water management and water sensitive urban design and is recognised globally for his innovative work in building leadership and technical skills in professionals and students.

Andrew has a proven track record of designing and delivering award-winning integrated water policy and water sensitive urban design projects, and has researched and delivered projects in many countries around the world. Andrew is passionate about collaboration and utilising science to improve education, policy and services for our community.

Adrian Crocetti – Principal Engineer – ESC and Urban Stormwater

Adrian Crocetti is a qualified plumber and drainer and an expert in water management who works as a Principal Engineer for Healthy Land and Water. A key member of the Water By Design team, Adrian has almost 15 years experience in stormwater engineering and has also applied his expertise in policy and planning for local government organisations. Adrian is skilled at conceiving, designing and maintaining innovative stormwater and rainwater harvesting systems and applying efficient irrigation techniques.

Adrian is passionate about showcasing the benefits and importance of stormwater management and regularly travels throughout Queensland sharing his extensive knowledge and collaborating with industry and government groups.

Glenn Browning – Senior Engineer – WSUD and Urban Stormwater

Glenn Browning is a Civil Engineer at Healthy Land and Water and an expert in stormwater management and water-sensitive urban design. Glenn has over 15 years experience in the water management industry and has worked on major projects including the Gold Coast Desalination Plant, the Brisbane River Flood Study, the Clem Jones Tunnel and the Brisbane River Flood Study.

Glenn is part of Healthy Land and Water’s Water By Design team and is responsible for working with the community and industry to encourage sustainable water management and develop innovative frameworks water-sensitive urban design. Glenn regularly leads training courses to showcase the benefits of sustainable waterways and he helps design, construct and manage community projects to restore waterways in South East Queensland.

Rachael Nasplezes – Senior Project Coordinator

Rachael Nasplezes is a Senior Scientist at Healthy Land and Water with over 20 years’ experience in natural resource management and sustainable business development. She is an expert in project delivery and has a proven track record of overseeing projects and programs that improve the quality of waterways in South East Queensland, including the Clean Up Program and Water By Design.

Rachael is passionate about collaboration and she works closely with government, industry, the community and schools to drive innovative projects that deliver environmental, social and economic benefits for South East Queensland. Rachael has worked around the world on various capacity-building initiatives and she is due to complete a masters in Business Administration in 2018

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