Water By Design

In 2004 and 2005, the Ecosystem Health Monitoring Program highlighted ‘diffuse source pollutant loads’ as major impacts affecting the Moreton Bay region. To address this, Healthy Land and Water developed the initiative ‘Water by Design’ supporting the sustainable urban water management. In order to protect, restore and rehabilitate the natural water cycle, the program effectively and efficiently delivers sustainable water management outcomes across catchments and regions effected by the pollutants. According to Engineers Australia (2006), this process depends on both appropriate resources and capacity in organisational contexts.

The Water by Design program aims to deliver:

  • Improved skills and knowledge via a comprehensive suite of best-practice resources and training
  • A strengthened organisation capacity with forums for local government officers to foster collaboration, information sharing and positive development outcomes
  • Guided regulatory reforms such as flexible arrangements for stormwater management, providing cost savings and benchmark protection targets
  • Increased incentives and encouragement for the community in the form of announcements, factsheets and awards

With the increasing importance of capacity building with the Australian water industry, is it imperative that the industry is growing in resources and skill development respectively. Water by Design has been recognised as a standout in its nature, with numerous awards such as the Australian Water Association Program Innovation Award 2011 and “The AILA” in 2013 for Nationally Significant Programs for the Stewardship of Water. After an independent evaluation of the program (Taylor 2010), it was found that Water by Design is highly regarded as the leading program producing consistently high-quality products and services helping to deliver WSUD resulting in reduced consumption of water supplies and improved waterway health.

Our Team

Rachael Nasplezes – Senior Scientist – Co-Design, Business Development, Coastal Ecosystems – Linked in Profile

Rachael Nasplezes has been in the field of sustainable business development and natural resource management for over 2 decades. Her early career began with a 6 year stint in South Africa working with deep rural communities to build and enable young entrepreneurs in the field of eco-business. Returning to Australia Rachael worked in coastal communities on the eastern seaboard whilst supporting outcomes for the Reef Rescue program of investment in water quality, enabling landholder buy-in in protecting nationally significant species and ecosystems and implementing treatment train systems into agricultural landscapes.

Rachael has a New Venture Leadership Certificate with the world renowned MIT to complement her Masters of Business Administration. Rachael currently works internally to build a lasting approach to business development, inspire entrepreneurship into the culture of the organisation and helps deliver the Water by Design program and bring to life the ‘Living Waterways’ Framework. Rachael works across a broad diversity of stakeholders to support environmental, social and economic outcomes for communities across the State.  

A Healthy Land and Water Initiative

Water By Design is a socially motivated environmental enterprise initiated by Healthy Land & Water. Healthy Land and Water are an independent, not-for-profit, community-focused and science-based organisation, and for over 20 years their programs have worked to improve the coordination and implementation of best practice management activities in our region for the benefit of the people and places we love.

Healthy Land and Water embraces the unique nature of our region; the biodiversity, the natural weather elements we experience, the variety of land and seascapes we enjoy, and the multi-faceted community to which we belong.

Healthy Land and Water take a collaborative approach to preserve our natural assets for future generations, involving landholders, community groups, industry, Traditional Owners and government to identify solutions across the whole water cycle and landscapes.

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