Point Source Management

Healthy Waterways’ members undertake Point Source Management to cost effectively treat wastewater and support whole-of-catchment solutions to reduce the amount of nutrients and toxicants entering our waterways.

Water utilities and state and local governments have made significant investment to reduce point source pollution by upgrading wastewater treatment plants. The Healthy Waterways Report Card has been instrumental in identifying and directing the need for this investment which has proven highly effective in achieving long-term water quality improvements in South East Queensland’s estuaries through lowering the nutrient loads and reducing the incidence of algal blooms. Whilst this is a significant achievement, additional action is still required to reach the recommended concentration for nutrient levels in our estuaries and Moreton Bay.

Regional Action

Through ongoing monitoring and reporting, Healthy Waterways helps our members to deliver licence requirements and demonstrates improvements from effective local wastewater management and whole-of-catchment approaches.

Examples of work undertaken by our members:

Queensland Urban Utilities – Beaudesert STP Nutrient Pilot Study: The pilot project was designed to significantly reduce the cost of upgrades to the Beaudesert Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) using alternative nutrient reduction actions in the Logan River to manage additional nitrogen discharges as a result of local population growth.

Unitywater – Maleny Sewage Treatment Plant and Wetlands: The Maleny Sewage Treatment Plant upgrade used new membrane bioreactor technology to treat the effluent to Class A before discharging it to an irrigated forest and constructed wetland area within the adjacent Maleny Community Precinct.

Seqwater  - Catchment Sanitary Survey Tool: The Sanitary survey methodology utilises a combination of a fixed survey framework and software tool, an electronic GPS based data capture tool and a novel Microbial Source Tracking (MST) analysis technique. 

Community Action

Find out about the projects undertaken by local landholders and community groups in your local catchment area to protect and improve our waterways, and how you can get involved.  

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Monitoring our Waterways

We have been working with our members and scientific experts to expand our Monitoring Program to include social and economic indicators.

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Moreton Bay Catchments

Our region includes 14 major river catchments and numerous smaller ones. Ten of these catchments flow directly into Moreton Bay.

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