How healthy is your local catchment ?

The annual Healthy Waterways Report Card communicates the health of South East Queensland’s waterways.



Healthy Waterways’ modelling studies have consistently predicted that without significant action, our waterways will deteriorate. Half of our 48,000 kms of creek and river network require critical repair and restoration1. The 2011 and 2013 floods have accelerated this deterioration and strengthened the need for further investment in our waterways.

The major pressures on our waterways include:

Healthy Waterways works with our members to drive, inform and support delivery in a number of priority waterway management areas. Protecting our waterways against these pressures will safeguard the future of our economy by protecting valuable agricultural land and infrastructure, ensuring the security of our drinking water supply and supporting our significant tourism and recreation industries.


1 Bunn S.E., Abal E.G., Greenfield P.F., Tarte D.M., Saxton N.E 2008. Linking science, monitoring and management to improve the health of waterways in SEQ, Australia. 4th ECRR Conference on River Restoration

What You Can Do

Whether you are an individual, land owner, community group, local business or corporation, we all have a role to play in protecting and improving the health of our waterways. There a number of things you can do around your home or business and within your local community.

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Moreton Bay Catchments

Our region includes 14 major river catchments and numerous smaller ones. Ten of these catchments flow directly into Moreton Bay.

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Our Priorities 

Ongoing investment in maintaining and improving our waterways will benefit the environment, economy and essentially our quality of life.

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