Our annual Report Card communicates the condition of South East Queensland’s waterways, and the level of social and economic benefits they provide.

Our Region

South East Queensland is blessed with beautiful waterways that underpin our unique lifestyle and cultural identity. Not only are the waterways a cultural, recreational and historical asset, they are vital to maintaining our economy. Our waterways are estimated to provdide over $10 billion per year to the region's economy through tourism, recreation, drinking water supply and fishing1. Our waterways also provide many social benefits that support healthy and happy communities2

Our waterways are under increasing pressure from our rapidly growing population and unpredictable climate. The major issue affecting waterway health is the increased amount of mud (or sediment) entering our waterways and litter is also a serious pollution problem affecting waterways, wildlife and recreation.  

Healthy Waterways is working with our members in a number of priority waterway management areas to help protect our waterways from these growing pressures.

The environmental condition of our waterways impacts the level of social and economic benefit they can provide to local communities and visitors. View the a snapshot of South East Queensland's waterways in 2014-15. 

1. Healthy Waterways Economic Valuation 2015.   2. Healthy Waterways and QUT Community Survey. 

Moreton Bay Catchments

Our region includes 14 major river catchments and numerous smaller ones. Ten of these catchments flow directly into Moreton Bay.

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Sediment in our Waterways

The major issue affecting waterway health in South East Queensland is the increased amount of mud (or sediment) entering our waterways.

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Construction Management

In urban areas, the sediment washed off construction sites is considered to be the most significant source of stormwater pollution impacting our waterways.

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