Design Response Option Planner (DROP) 

Healthy Waterways has worked closely with the Queensland Government on a major policy project to redefine how stormwater management is interpreted to deliver better outcomes for Queensland communities. New guidance and resources will help councils and industry to identify opportunities and make design and investment decisions for stormwater management infrastructure that are informed by triple bottom line objectives, such as those in the Living Waterways framework

As part of this work, Healthy Waterways has launched a new web-based tool to support industry in decision making for stormwater management projects. 


The DROP tool 

The 'Design Response Option Planner' (DROP) tool helps stormwater designers make informed decisions about stormwater systems based on the objectives that apply, and how cost-effective or beneficial a range of on- or off-site solutions are. 

This new tool assists local councils and developers across Queensland to achieve multiple outcomes for stormwater systems and generate social, economic and environmental benefits from stormwater systems. 

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Stormwater Compliance

Healthy Waterways recommend using MUSIC v5 or v6 to ensure compliance with stormwater pollutant load reduction. We are seeking informal feedback to objectives that deliver the best outcome in a cost-effective way.

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Living Waterways

Living Waterways is a best practice environmental management approach that assists practitioners and government to deliver enduring and affordable outdoor spaces which engage the surrounding communities. 

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