Deemed to Comply Solutions

The Deemed to Comply Solutions – Stormwater Quality outline a series of ‘off the shelf” stormwater solutions for meeting stormwater quality design objectives for small scale development. The solutions are intended to reduce the reporting and assessment requirements for developments – particularly stormwater management plan reporting requirements.

The solutions include:

  • the appropriate size of various treatment measures to ensure compliance with stormwater quality objectives (taking into account land use and climate region)
  • a step by step process for selecting and designing the appropriate solution
  • reporting requirements for development applications (a checklist is provided for development applications/assessment)

The Worked Solutions and Examples present the solutions in illustrative form, show how the checklists should be used and demonstrate the kinds of supporting plans which should be lodged with applications.

Availability of the Solutions

  1. South East Queensland – the Deemed to Comply Solutions – Stormwater Quality (South East Queensland) are available for download below.
  2. Other parts of Queensland – Deemed to Comply solutions have been prepared for all the climatic zones of Queensland and are available to local authorities upon request.

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Worked solutions and examples. Design and Development Assessment checklist.