Our Strategy

In order to safeguard the future of our waterways and support the region’s social and economic growth, we must enhance regional collaboration with our members and work together towards common goals. As part of the Healthy Waterways Strategic Plan 2014-2017, Healthy Waterways will focus on achieving the following strategic objectives and initiatives to support our members and our economy.

Understand and report on the condition of waterways

  • Understand the condition and key factors impacting on waterways
  • Understand the link between waterway condition with social and economic objectives
  • Inform the development of cost-effective and targeted waterway management actions
  • Deliver an integrated assessment program to report on the condition of waterways and the effectiveness of actions

Educate people on the value of our waterways

  • Articulate the value of investment in waterway health
  • Educate and enable action to protect and improve waterway health

Influence decisions, policy and actions to improve and maintain waterway health

  • Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders
  • Influence catchment planning as it impacts on waterway health

Maximise member return on investment

  • Diversify and grow Healthy Waterways’ financial portfolio
  • Measure and report on member return on investment

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Our Region

Our waterways underpin our unique lifestyle and cultural identity. Not only are the waterways a cultural and recreational asset, they are vital to our economy.

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Our Initiatives 

Healthy Waterways delivers a suite of programs and initiatives to address the key pressures impacting our waterways, and to support and inform our members in the delivery of waterway actions and investment.

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Working Together 

Healthy Waterways’ unique governance structure facilitates regional partnerships and ensures scientific integrity underpins our work.

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