Our Approach

Adaptive Management

Achieving a balance between management, research and monitoring is a fundamental element of our approach. Our Adaptive Management Framework can be described as ongoing knowledge acquisition, monitoring and evaluation, leading to continuous implementation of management actions. It is based on the premise that the management actions required to improve waterway condition should be able to adapt to information collected by associated research and monitoring activities. This approach provides the flexibility necessary for responding to evolving social, economic and ecological relationships.

The adaptive management cycle is made up of five interconnected elements (as illustrated) that are rigorously applied to all work undertaken by Healthy Waterways. Healthy Waterways’ evidence-based and adaptive management approach is supported and delivered through our suite of programs and initiatives.

Our Region

Our waterways underpin our unique lifestyle and cultural identity. Not only are the waterways a cultural and recreational asset, they are vital to our economy.

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Our Initiatives 

Healthy Waterways delivers a suite of programs and initiatives to address the key pressures impacting our waterways, and to support and inform our members in the delivery of waterway actions and investment.

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Working Together 

Healthy Waterways’ unique governance structure facilitates regional partnerships and ensures scientific integrity underpins our work.

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