Together with our members, we have one clear vision to achieve healthy waterways for a healthy economy.

About us

Healthy Waterways is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that works with our members from government, industry and the community to protect and improve South East Queensland’s waterways. We believe that shared understanding, regional collaboration and targeted solutions across the whole water cycle are the key to improving and maintaining waterway health.

Healthy Waterways was built on a foundation of rigorous science which continues to underpin the organisation’s programs and initiatives. We provide best-practice scientific advice to inform waterway investment, and facilitate regional scientific projects for the benefit of South East Queensland’s waterways. Our suite of decision support tools model the likely outcomes of waterway strategies, enabling our members to identify the most targeted, cost effective management actions to address waterway issues.  We monitor and report on the condition of our waterways and provide capacity building for water professionals and community groups. We support reforms to policy and planning, and our education programs inspire and motivate the community to value and protect our waterways.

Vision: with our members, we have one clear vision to achieve healthy waterways for a healthy economy.

Purpose: Healthy Waterways works to understand and communicate the condition of the waterways to drive and influence future targets, policy and actions.

Values: We respect and value those we work with and the contributions that they make, and act fairly and ethically in all we do.

Scientists and policymakers have extensively studied our collaborative model, including representatives from the Chinese, Singapore, Philippine and Indonesian governments.
Our work has also attracted national attention with formal commendations from the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists and the House of Representatives.


Our Region

Our waterways underpin our unique lifestyle and cultural identity. Not only are the waterways a cultural and recreational asset, they are vital to our economy.

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Monitoring our Waterways

We have been working with our members and scientific experts to expand our Monitoring Program to include social and economic indicators.

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Science and Research

Rigorous science and research are the driving force behind our programs and initiatives. We deliver a cost-effective and integrated science program.

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