The 2016 Healthy Waterways and Catchments Report Card has been released, revealing the condition and benefits of South East Queensland's waterways.
A new era for catchment management: Healthy Waterways and SEQ Catchments are forming a single entity: Healthy Waterways and Catchments.
New online Erosion and Sediment Control Toolkit released to help fight sediment run-off from building sites.
We ensure that rigorous and independent science underpins our work, and that members have access to relevant scientific information and decision support tools.
Our Water by Design initiative works to identify and fill knowledge gaps, and enable the uptake of improved practice in sustainable water management.
Healthy Waterways is an independent, not-for-profit organisation working with our members from government, industry and the community to protect and improve our waterways.

Healthy waterways for a healthy economy...

The waterways of South East Queensland are an integral part of our lifestyle and economy. With a rapidly growing population and increasingly unpredictable climate, our waterways are under increasing pressure from threats such as soil erosion, stormwater run-off, litter and land clearing.

Healthy Waterways is an independent, not-for-profit organisation working to protect and improve our waterways. We have a renowned collaborative model consisting of strong community, industry, government and research partnerships working together to achieve healthier waterways that underpin a healthy economy and community.

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A new era for catchment management...

A new era for the management of South East Queensland’s land and waterways has begun, with the official formation of Healthy Waterways and Catchments. This new organisation combines Healthy Waterways and SEQ Catchments, whose members voted in the change on 28 June 2016.

This new organisation has been formed as a community-focused and science-based waterway and natural asset management organisation, which will improve the coordination and implementation of best practice catchment management.

Healthy Waterways and SEQ Catchments will continue to operate under their existing brands while we work through the transition.

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How healthy are your local waterways? 

Find out about the environmental condition of your local waterway, the social and economic benefits they provide to your community and what is being done to protect and improve them. 

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Healthy Waterways gratefully acknowledges the support of our members and recognises the valuable contributions and investment they make towards protecting and improving South East Queensland's waterways.

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