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We are pleased to announce that Healthy Waterways has launched its flashy new website; including all new sections for Water by Design.
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Some functions of the new website are still being developed. In the interim, this Water by Design website will continue to operate so that you still have access to all our guidelines, resources, forum, case studies and more. Functionality will gradually be transferred to the new website.
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Welcome to Water by Design

Water by Design is a capacity building program that supports the uptake of Water Sensitive Urban Design in South East Queensland.

It was established by Healthy Waterways in 2005, as an integral component of the SEQ Healthy Waterways Strategy.

This website brings together knowledge, experiences and expertise in water sensitive urban design (WSUD) and sustainable urban water management (SUWM) to assist the land development industry and government make the transition towards smarter water management.

More about the program.

What is Water Sensitive Urban Design?

Reef Urban Stormwater Management Improvement Group

Guidelines and Resources Water by Design offer a range of guidelines and factsheets to assist with all stages of the delivery of water sensitive urban design.